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City of Butler Wastewater System

695 East Green Street
Butler, IN 46721
Phone 260-868-2805

Butler owns, operates, maintains and manages a Class III, 2.0 Million Gallons Daily (average daily design flow) extended aeration treatment facility with an average design peak flow of 3.0 Million Gallons Daily, per provisions of the NPDES Permit issued by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

The treatment facility consists of a bar screen, a fine rotary screen, a grit chamber, three aeration tanks, two secondary clarifiers, phosphorus removal through precipitation with an organic coagulant, three aerobic digesters, chlorination / de-chlorination facilities and influent and effluent flow meters.  Biosolids are continuously returned to the aeration tanks and periodically wasted to the aerobic digesters for stabilization, thickening by decanting, pumping to onsite storage lagoons for drying and storage prior to ultimate disposal via landfill.

The collection system is comprised of combined sewers (sanitary and storm water) and sanitary sewers with one Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) location (CSO 003) and one wet weather treatment facility outfall (Outfall 001). The wet weather treatment facility consists of a flow equalization basin, a wet weather clarifier, and chlorination / de-chlorination facilities. These outfalls are identified and subject to the provisions of the NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit.

The average daily flow through the Butler Wastewater System is 900,000 gallons per day. Of this total flow approximately 550,000 gallons per day is industrial flow from the industrial park and from industries located within the corporate limits of Butler. Butler developed and implemented an industrial pretreatment program in 1999 because of the industrial presence. Butler currently has three (3) active industrial waste pretreatment (IWP) permits issued to the significant industrial users discharging to the Butler Wastewater System (Table 1).

The Butler Wastewater System also provides collection and treatment of wastewater from the SDI industrial complex constructed in phases since 1996, located approximately 3-4 miles southwest of the City.

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